Bikosys is a web development company in USA provides a wide array of website design for small business. We provide fully integrated website with customize theme. We are specially saying small business because we provide customize website with a low cost. As small business does not have a lot of cash to spend on marketing and fancy website. So we provide them best solution with an affordable cost.

Corporate Website Design With Customize Template

Whether you run a small business or have invested in a startup, we can build a customize and professional looking website for your business at a very reasonable price. We use the latest technologies, create attractive design layouts and develop business oriented features to upscale user experience. We also make your website SEO friendly so that you do not need to work very hard to get your SEO done. A well-built website for small businesses can convert visitors into buyers by creating a strong impression within their target audience. It’s a smart way to promote your business also.

Customer Service

Can you provide proper supprt to your customers whenever they are in trouble? Do they get satisfactorily service from you? Do you know what your customers are complaining about or what they are suggesting you to improve? We provide all kinds of services in your website so that you can track your customers problems and feedback. Also customer can contact you easily.


Website is a way to reach your clients.But does your website do the branding of your service or product?Do people know what is your service value? If not then we are here to help you on this matter.Reliable website which will provide a proper brand message.

Relationship Building

Is your website fully reliable to make a good relation with your clients? Do they found what they are looking for? Is there enough information to pull your clients again and again? We provide a website with full content related to your business or services, so your client would never be disappoint by visting your website.

Demographic Data

Do you have any idea about what your client is looking for in your website? Is there enough data to pull your clients regularly to your website? Google analytics will help you to track everything about site’s visitors.