Bikosys provides a wide array of website design for small business. We provide fully integrated website with customize theme. We are specially saying small business because we provide customize website with a low cost. As small business does not have a lot of cash to spend on marketing and fancy website. So we provide them best solution with an affordable cost.

Bikosys is a well-known digital marketing company based in India. It has a sales center in the USA. It believes that honest service, delivered with quality, is the cornerstone of any successful business. Our main motto is to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our business started in the year 2006 with an offline business model. In the year 2008, we have made our presence felt in the online space. Our company provides digital marketing services of different types to customers who trust us. Whether it is a small shop or a multi-million dollar company, we never veer away from our objective of helping our clients improve their online presence to improve their sales.

It is our main goal to help our customers increase their online presence to improve their bottom-line. Our skilled designers have picked up enough skills and experience through their Google certifications and their practical experience. This enables them to provide excellent web based tools and web based showcasing services for their businesses. Our designers know that each business has its own distinct requirements. Therefore, they tailor our services to the customers’ requirements to meet their diverse needs. This helps boost their online brand. This also improves their online presence.

We provide services in Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Optimization; Website Designing and Website Development.

In Search Engine Optimization, we provide our customers the chance to maximize the number of visitors to their e-commerce websites by taking care that their site appears uppermost in the list of results returned by search engines. Thus, in this, we help our customers websites rank high in the Google search results so that customers can find it out easily.

In Social Media Optimization, we use a number of outlets and community forums to give publicity to our customer’s product/service to increase the awareness of their brand, product or service. This will ensure that our customers will be able to piggyback on the wide reach provided by social media to promote their products/services.

In Website Designing, we create stylish and scalable website for our customers to boost their online presence. This service covers several different aspects namely, webpage layout, content production and graphic design. Web design covers the technical aspect of designing a website to promote a customer’s business on the internet.

In Website Development, we help our customers develop their websites on the internet or the intranet. Website development involves developing a simple static website to a multifaceted application on the internet, e-businesses and social network services. Largely speaking, web development covers web engineering, website design, website content development, client liaison, web server, e-commerce development and network security configuration.

Bikosys does things procedural to demonstrate its commitment to the field of services. When compared to other social media marketing organizations, our services provide utmost benefits to customers. When we receive a project brief from our client, we begin our work by conducting an in-house statistical survey and market analysis. We help locate the correct online clients for our business thanks to our online network. Techniques that help find the correct clients for one’s business also help us provide innovative solutions. We leave no stone un-turned to make the business interesting for its participants, by using tools that can help drive genuine clients and genuine traffic to our website.


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